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Our Company

Moleeco S.r.l. is a "cleantech" company active in the plasma-assisted gasification market since 2017. Through Research and Development projects Moleeco developed a proprietary technology called MNIS®. 

Moleeco offers a complete service, starting from the engineering phase all the way to the implementation of a plant working with MNIS® technology.

We focus on the development of systems and their application to produce energy and to recover chemicals (production of CO2, hydrogen, etc.) perfectly in line with the concept of circular economy.


At Moleeco we can carry out complex projects successfully and efficiently; thanks to our know-how in design, we can offer flexible solutions to meet any specific need. We pay close attention to research and development activities, aiming to offer cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

Image by Kvalifik

The original idea of the project was born in 2017 prompted/driven by our desire to create a plant capable of producing energy and potentially recovering matter from waste.


Moleeco is the owner of a technology (MNIS® technology) that through a plasma-assisted gasification process  achieves the molecular dissociation of the waste that is introduced into the plant.

Image by Crystal Kwok

Moleeco is currently envisioning/planning to design different types of systems that differ both in size and purpose.

Moleeco supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) promoted by the UN through the creation of technologies aimed at generating green energy, reducing CO2, replacing fossil fuels and avoiding the impacts caused by traditional waste disposal processes.

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